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What our clients say about working with us.

“Synergy was able to cut through the clutter and get a deal done. I have known Scott for several years and he always made the extra effort to truly understand our business and what we were trying to achieve. We have unique value-drivers that are perhaps difficult to articulate. Synergy was able to work with our team to put us in the best position to succeed and then execute a plan to achieve a positive result. They work tirelessly when things do not necessarily go as planned. I felt throughout the process that our interests were aligned and we collaborated as partners. Synergy truly understands the competitive landscape and works diligently towards achieving a successful outcome.”


Rob DiBenedetto

CEO , Health Information Designs

“As a former GE Corp. executive, I was impressed with how well organized and efficient the Synergy team was in driving to a close on our deal. They were decisive in their guidance, able to think outside the box and positioned our business well – highlighting our strengths and mitigating perceived vulnerabilities. They understand health care, appreciated our sector’s changing landscape and introduced some unique, qualified buyers. Our resulting merger and integration into MXR will propel our company to the next level. Your firm is top notch!”

Jim Spearman

CEO & Board Director, Consensys Imaging Service

“Synergy provided excellent strategic advice and navigated through complex issues with creative solutions and finesse. They were well connected with the relevant buyer universe and maintained momentum throughout a competitive process. The Synergy team members are first rate M&A bankers.”

Dave Jahns

Managing Director, Galen Partners – Private Equity Investor and Board Director of Consensys Imaging

“This was my first time dealing in the M&A world and I was very skeptical from early on. The Synergy Advisors team was selected from a few IB’s that I interviewed based on the best fit for my organization, so I entrusted them with my baby (organization). They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them to any middle market healthcare company trying to find their exit strategy.  We developed what I hope are some lasting personal relations with the Synergy team and they worked as hard as my team did. They all had different roles to play in the process and they executed as they said they would and gave me the confidence to stay the course. Their experience in healthcare M&A transactions allowed me to walk away wealthier than I could have ever imagined.  I’m more than happy with their results.”

Dr. Jerry Lanier

Founder & CEO, Kids Dental Kare

“We have worked with Synergy Advisors for over a decade on numerous projects, including acquisitions and divestitures, as well as other corporate development efforts. In my experience, their team conducts business with professionalism, focus, and commitment. Synergy’s bankers are very experienced with strong deal execution experience and have significant breadth and depth of knowledge in various healthcare segments. As a Fortune 500 Company, we use Synergy because their advisory capabilities are as good as any Wall Street firm. Synergy has served as a valuable and trusted resource to Molina Healthcare over the years, and we continue to use them in our corporate development efforts.”

John Molina

CFO, Molina Healthcare

“Bob, Don and Guneesh were very patient working with us through the sale process, quickly became very knowledgeable about our niche industry segment, and brought several organizations to the table that fit my criteria. The Synergy team expertly negotiated a very successful win/win transaction with a buyer we had never considered! At the end of the day, it was a great experience for me and my family. Laurie and I have fond memories of the “process” due to the REAL PEOPLE that make up the Synergy Team.”

Mark Trouw

President, Radiographic Equipment Services

“Synergy was a true partner to us in achieving our strategic and financial objectives. Their team has extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector and an acute understanding of the value-drivers of our company. Synergy was able to best position Clear Vision for prospective buyers so they clearly understood the key attributes of our business. Scott and Bob were very effective in navigating us and the management team through the sale process. Pam and I are convinced that their expertise helped us achieve a very successful outcome.”

Tom Peterson

Co-founder & CEO, Clear Vision Information Systems

“Synergy provided excellent execution to help Kaenon Polarized achieve its goals at the time. Kaenon needed growth capital with a desire to tie into a larger strategic investor and we successfully achieved this objective and maintained majority control. As experienced bankers, Jim and Bob were both active on our transaction and were always available whenever I needed them. I would definitely use them again.”

Steve Rosenberg

Founder, Kaenon Polarized

“Bob and Jim fought like bulldogs to get the deal done – doubling down their efforts when initial buyer reception was tepid. They also secured bridge financing required to fund the company to the finish line. We were extremely happy with the outcome and with Synergy’s effort in helping us avoid an ongoing cost that could’ve lasted over a decade. The Synergy team continues to bring us creative M&A ideas for our other portfolio companies, particularly within the healthcare IT space.”

Layton Crouch

Venture Investor / Board Member, AD PathLabs

“Synergy Advisors was key to my success in selling my small closely-held software business to a Fortune 500 company. With Synergy’s counsel and assistance I was able to maximize value, and they were a key factor in my being able to close the deal on an accelerated timeframe which was crucial due to tax considerations. Synergy’s senior bankers were responsive on nights and weekends to get it done.”

Gordon A. Feingold

Owner & CEO, System Dynamics

“When we began entertaining a sale of our company, we brought in three sell-side advisory candidates. We chose Synergy for the benefit of having experienced veteran judgment and guidance. The other candidates all utilized the typical model of the junior assigned banker with the senior person intermittently looking over their shoulder. Synergy did not use a junior person. All contact was with one or both of the principals. The Synergy difference became critical because our sale was much more complicated than a simple auction. This was in part due to a limited strategic buyer universe, and in part due to a complicated industry regulatory environment. It is difficult to quantify the dollar value of instinct, experience and judgment. Synergy brought these qualities to the process which in turn influenced an excellent outcome for us as a Seller.”


Trillium Specialty Hospital

“Dan did a great job and ran a diligent, well-orchestrated process with a broad group of qualified buyers. His thorough understanding of our business and insightful advice helped us achieve a successful close despite intervening complications along the way. His business judgement and deal experience earned our trust and respect. Dan has become a friend, and I would not hesitate to work with him again down the pike.”

Jack Weaver

President & Co-Founder, CDCC

“The Synergy Advisors team helped us negotiate and finalize an investment with the perfect strategic investor that brought us the capital and the managed lives to help propel our company to a new level. Given their senior-level banker focus and deep managed care experience, we benefited as a smaller company with the same quality of bankers as a billion dollar company would – in fact we were negotiating with a billion dollar company. The Synergy bankers helped us anticipate what to expect and how to best maneuver to get the best deal possible at a great valuation. I would definitely use Synergy again.”

Dr. Glen March

CEO & Founder, March Vision Care