Medical Products / Life Sciences 

Our bankers have significant experience working with established, profitable medical products and life sciences companies, as well as development stage companies years from product approval and commercialization. We have experience in various disease categories for drugs and biotherapeutics, interventional devices, diagnostic equipment, imaging modalities, monitoring equipment, disposables and other supplies. We have also worked with companies involved in cutting edge genomics, related tools and life sciences instrumentation.

Bankers: Bob Maggiacomo


  • Medical devices, equipment and related supplies
  • Hospital products / supplies
  • Biotechnology / biopharmaceuticals
  • Life sciences tools and technology

Cryosurgery & Related Medical Products

Durable Medical Equipment Supplier

Medical Devices & IP Portfolio

Medical Imaging Equipment Services

Women’s Health Medical Device

Medical Imaging Equipment Services

Women’s Health Medical Device

Laboratory Connectivity Software

Personal Products for
Infection Control
and Contraception

POC Diagnostic
Tests Manufacturer

Gene Therapy Biotech

Infusion Pump Device & Disposables

Genomics & Pharma R&D Instrumentation

Specialty Pharmaceutical

Pathology Specimen Instrumentation

Catheter & Vascular Stent Manufacturer

Specialty Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceuticals Distribution – Institutional

Dental Implants / Prosthetics