Additional Targeted Segments

Decades of diverse deal experience have enabled Synergy bankers to fine-tune their understanding of prevailing success drivers and competitive differentiators across multiple industries. As trusted financial advisor, our bankers are intimately familiar with the challenges of business cyclicality, economy of scale benefits, product development, rollout strategies, and potentially disruptive technologies that collectively influence corporate policies and strategic initiatives. Synergy bankers also have a proven record of success with companies in the following business segments:

Bankers: Bob Maggiacomo

  • Building & Residential Services
  • Clean Tech / Alternative Energy
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial & Scientific Products
  • Media / Publishing
  • Technology
  • Software, Electronics and Telecommunications

Clean Technology Biofuels and Bioproducts

Private Debt Fund

Print Media Magazine Publishing

Solar Technology

Venture Capital Fund

Electronic Manufacturing Services Company

Manufacturer of Disposable Clean Room Products

Media & Entertainment

Specialty Publishing – Aviation Technical Manuals

Film Processing and Post-Production

Media & Entertainment

Digital Image Semiconductor

Document Software

Networking Software

Telecom Equipment

Patrol Services & Alarm Systems Company

Software / A.I.